Life over 80…

A self driven project of a series of portraits that focuses on the elderly people over 80. Where I live in Italy, a small town up in the mountains called Montese, there are a lot of elderly people that go about there day to day lives in the most peaceful way. My project was to capture these extraordinary men and women and display their portraiture back to them in a different yet pure perspective. I really wanted to get into there souls, to communicate the life that they have lived and feel their presence. So one morning I went through to the local bar and organised with all the local people that whoever would like to have their portrait taken, I would be very happy to do so. The experience was moving and at the same time so much fun, from talking in dialect to sharing a coffee and grappa I was lost in awe. The next month I had an exhibition in the very same bar that we photographed and everybody in the town could see… The Extraordinary.

“ The emotion captured pulls life into the furthest corners from where we sit and play. Young minds never to cease... wrinkles bear witness and testify to the finity of life! ”- John Rostance

“ The Extraordinary, celebrates the faces and identities of those over the age of 80. With many of these people relegated to the fringes of consciousness, its too easy to dismiss or forget about our elders. These photographs render the subjects in remarkable clarity, giving them a certain individuality that is truly remarkable.” - Wallpaper Republic.

AOP Awards 2012 - Open Category - // Finalist