ING // Life of a training vest


ING has been supporting Dutch football for 20 years, both financially and with goals and balls. And not to forget: training vests. To celebrate that, J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam pays tribute to the vests in the latest TV commercial.

In the video you see that you encounter the vests everywhere on the field: when warming up, position games, as a goal post and corner flag. The vests don't have it easy. They are smeared, torn and trampled. You can see  the agony of the vests  at various amateur clubs in the country. The glorious outcome makes everything right, when the ING vests are handed out to the basic players in the run-up to an international match for the Dutch Juniors.

ING _30.jpg

Client: ING Nederland 
Office: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam 
Creatives: Bas Korsten, Marcel Hartog 
Producers: Marloes van den Berg, Petra Leddy, Andreas Möller 
Print producer: Chariva Geurts 
Photography: Robert Harrison 
Senior communication manager : Mirjam Smit Sports sponsoring manager: Steven Sedee 
Production company : Pink Rabbit 
POST / VFX: Crabsalad 
Director: Ismael (in collaboration with Allard) 
DOP: Martijn van Broekhuizen 
Editor: Martin Heijgelaar 
Music: Massive Music 
Sound: Studio Alfred Klaassen