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My passion for photography has no explanation, I simply love it! With an absolute obsession for the black and white image, the beauty of a face and the touch of light, I find myself crafting photography with a need to satisfy my hunger with beautiful imagery and endless experiences.

My photography has been published in numerous amounts of blogs, news sites and newspapers around the world as well as being printed in many different magazines. Some of the highlights have been MUNCHIES VICE, The Independent, Huffington Post, FHM, FONK, TIME - Food and Wine, L'OBS, MSN , PetaPixel, La Repubblica , Shots, Spiegel and The Drum to name a few. The project “MENU” has been featured on TV Shows in China and Russia and shortlisted at Cannes 2017. It made the cover of Leuzer’s Archive and I was chosen as 200 BEST AD PHOTOGRAPHERS 2018/19, Cream awards 2017 and two nominations at ADCN 2018.

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Shortlist - ADCN - 2018 - Food Exhibitionism

Shortlist -  Cannes 2017 – Food Exhibitionism

WPP – Creme Awards – 2017 - Food Exhibitionism

AOP Awards – Finalist – 2013 - The Extraordinary

Exhibitions and Events:

Solo Exhibition – M E N U – Mossel en Gin 21st of September to the 1st of October.

Shoot Amsterdam - In April 2017 I was asked to present at the Hasselblad Shoot Amsterdam day for the project MENU.

Food Exhibitionism - 6-7 March 2017 - Amsterdam