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I am a photographer, art director and visual designer. Born and raised in the beautiful city of Durban South Africa.  I spent 3 years in the agency bubble in Cape Town. Moved to London working in the film industry educating myself with top end DOP’s and kick ass directors. Although I was always fascinated by the still-image I moved through the complex hierarchical industry working as an art director and visual designer.

My passion for photography has no explanation, I simply love it! The process, the result and what it holds in time is what defies the reason for my craft. With an absolute obsession for the black and white image, the beauty of a face and the touch of light. I find myself crafting photography with a need to satisfy my hunger with beautiful imagery and endless experiences. Storytelling combined with the technical knowledge of light and camera is where I find my respect for this passion. Times are consistently changing and we are lucky to be involved in creating this process of discovering new directions and an evolution of inspiration.  

My photography has been published in numerous amounts of blogs, news sites and newspapers around the world as well as being printed in many different magazines,  MUNCHIES VICE, The Independent, Huffington Post, FHM, FONK, TIME - Food and Wine, L'OBS, MSN , PetaPixel, La Repubblica , Shots, Spiegel and The Drum to name a few. An accomplishment that I am extremely proud of is making the cover of Leuzer’s Archive and chosen as 200 BEST AD PHOTOGRAPHERS 2018/19.

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